Welcome to Energy Fishing & Rental Services
Energy Fishing & Rental Services, Inc. was established and incorporated on January 6, 2005 with a combined total of over 170 years of direct experience in Fishing and Downhole Interventions.
Our primary goals are to provide exceptional services and quality equipment, with an emphasis on maintaining a safety-oriented work environment. This, along with decades of knowledge and practical downhole experience of our fishing tool supervisors and operations support staff, help reduce downtime and cost to our customers. 
No fishing job is ordinary. And, they rarely have off-the-shelf solutions. To get your project back on track, you want experts with proven skill and experience—and the ability to innovate from a foundation of success. More than any other kind of drilling and completion operation, fishing is an art, and it requires creative thinking and skillful use of the expert’s tools.
Energy Fishing & Rental Services (EFRS) has unsurpassed experience and success innovating and performing fishing operations in nearly every kind of formation and well, onshore and offshore. Our experience in a wide variety of challenging fishing operations has a valuable benefit to you: we know what works.
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